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Each student will learn how to really take a personal inventory of his or her own strengths and limitations.

Shoulder to Shoulder Approach

Many of the students that attend Monuments have been in traditional therapeutic settings for many years (outpatient, in office models). This “experience” has given them the tools and ability to handle therapy talk very well. With this understanding, Monuments takes a different approach. Our therapists are actively engaged in the experiential process with the students. This is where true relationship building and client understanding happens. Our therapists are not tied to an office, and instead are expected to be out with the students in what we call shoulder-to-shoulder therapy. You can often find our clinicians on a hike, on horseback, taking the students out for lunch, on the ski slopes in the winter, or even camping with the boys.


The therapeutic schedule for each student includes individual sessions that happen at least weekly. Depending on the need of each individual student these sessions can incorporate traditional, evidence based and proven strategies including CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Clinical Expertise

Monuments embraces a clinically driven, multi-disciplinary, and individualized therapeutic approach. Our licensed professional clinical staff will assess each student and develop an individualized strength-based treatment plan designed to guide the change and personal growth process. Parents are involved in this process as specific therapeutic goals are benchmarks are set for each student.

Group Therapy

No matter the need that brings a student to Monuments, be it depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, or some other unique need, each family is best served if treatment is addressed systemically as a whole family. Healing can only be found as each family member makes peace with the impact the current struggle has had on their family. As the family works together through the therapeutic process they are able to get back on track and return to healthy adaptive patterns that will move a family forward.

Family Therapy

The same therapist working with the client in individual therapy will also work with the family system in weekly family therapy. These sessions are done through HIPAA compliant video conferencing software and allows families to connect therapeutically in a way that leads to healing and future success planning.


In addition to weekly sessions, parents of current clients come to the main campus for a two-day family summit twice a year. These sessions are designed to give the family

additional clinical support and learning opportunities. More than anything, the connection and relationship growth during these sessions give great therapeutic value.

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