Treatment needs to be a place of healing and not a place of shame.

Designed with Families in mind

In order to generate the type of growth required for long-term change, the family must be involved in the student’s treatment experience. Families participate in video calls, bi-annual family summits and regular parent visits and home passes.

Personalized Therapy

Monuments believes that each student brings unique challenges into the treatment process. In order to meet clinical needs, our treatment team creates an individualized treatment plan for each student. This plan drives the treatment experience for each student and family.

Real Change That Lasts!

The treatment process must continue long after treatment ends. Monuments therapists use their experience and expertise to help families create a long-term plan for their student’s success. Developing a home plan based on research driven practices helps secure long-term success.

Treatment​ Philosophy

Treatment needs to be a place of healing and not a place of shame. Too often, young men that have been a part of treatment have been stigmatized. Monuments believes that these young men and their families should elevated in their treatment experience.  Learn  More

01  Treatment 

In order to engage young men in any sort of treatment process, they have to come to an understanding that we are here to help. Relationships and invitations will then create a “willing want to” and not a “grudging have to”. 

02  Therapy

Our therapists understand the research and it is clear that traditional sit down therapy with young men is not effective. Click below to understand how our therapeutic model of shoulder-to-shoulder therapy works at Monuments.

03  E.A.W.

Equine Assisted Wellness provides a metaphoric experience with horses to promote self-awareness and the principles of relational growth. The human-horse experiential process teaches participants about themselves in a relational context  and better understand healthy relationships.

04  Student Profile

Students come to monuments for a variety of therapeutic, academic, and family challenges. Most of our students have completed a wilderness program or some other type of assessment and initial treatment experience. Click below to learn more about the type of young men we work with.

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