Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

According to the latest studies, 20% of American teens have at least one type of severe mental health disorder.

If that number sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly 8.3 Jmillion teenagers affected by a potentially devastating mental health disorder that negatively impacts every aspect of their everyday lives; in many cases an illness that, if left untreated, could easily result in tragic, or even fatal consequences.

As to why more teens are mentally unhealthy than ever before, there are many potential factors to consider, not least of which is the fact that only 4% of our $3.8 trillion annual budget is spent on mental health care. However, the lack of urgency to address our children’s mental health disorders cannot bJe fully blamed on the government. Stunningly, 75% of parents of a mentally ill child fail tJo seek treatment for them. Considering suicide is the second leading cause of death among teenage boys, these statistics become all the more disturbing and terrifying.

Epidemic Mental Illness is to Blame for the Millions of "Troubled Teens"

With millions of US, teens suffering from a potentially-volatile, untreated mental health-related diagnoses, a significantly large, albeit, unquantifiable number of mentally ill teens turn to self-destructive behaviors as a means to cope with the internal, hidden pains and complex issues that continuously plague their yet-to-be fully developed brain, as well as their ignored damaged psyche. Teens such as these are what behavioral experts refer to as, ‘troubled teens.’

While these acts of ‘self-destructive/medicating’ can manifest in a variety of forms, the most common of these troubled teen-behaviors include aggressive, impulsive, and desperate actions such as destroying property, abusing harmful substances, and committing acts of self-harm or mutilation.

Furthermore, whether it’s turning to harmful substances to numb themselves, violently and impulsively acting on their rage, or committing self-harm as a means of distracting their mental anguish by causing physical pain, parents of a behaviorally-ill teenager need to seek immediate treatment for their at-risk, troubled teenage child – failure to do so may result in tragic consequences.

Troubled Teens Almost Always Require Some form of Residential Treatment

While receiving therapy for the root-cause of their behavioral dismay would assuredly be a step in the right direction, rather than solely depend on traditional one-on-one, or group therapy sessions, troubled teens almost always require a more intensive and long-term form of residential therapy, e.g., a therapeutic boarding school.

We at Monuments have created the following article in hopes of educating parents of troubled teens on America’s most popular and effective form of troubled teen-behavioral therapy, also known as therapeutic boarding schools.

Therapeutic boarding schools are specialized facilities for troubled teens that have characteristics of both residential treatment facilities and traditional boarding schools. These dynamic facilities act as an intervention for the purpose of restoring and improving the lives of troubled teens. Additionally, therapeutic boarding schools provide academic restoration as well.

The Prevalence of Therapeutic Boarding Schools is on The Rise

As the ever-growing number of troubled teens rise to epidemic proportions, so does the rise of facilities that are created to combat self-destructive behaviors and debilitating mental illnesses in troubled adolescents. Among the most popular of these facilities are therapeutic boarding schools.

Therapeutic boarding schools are exactly what they sound like: boarding schools that offer therapeutic treatment for teens in need of psychiatric and behavioral restoration. Part traditional boarding school, part residential treatment center, these highly specialized facilities offer 24/7 psychiatric care and academic restoration to troubled teens, typically between the ages of 12-17.

If admitted to a reputable therapeutic boarding school, a troubled teen is able to work through their mental disorders (experts claim the majority of troubled teens suffer from at least one form of mental illness) as well as improve upon and even excel in their required academic studies.

However, while there are plenty of therapeutic treatment programs available for parents to choose from, there are many facilities with less than glowing reputations and success rates in effectively treating the complex issues of troubled teenagers. With this in mind, it is crucial for parents to do their research and choose a program that best suits the needs of their wayward child.

Monuments: An Accredited Top-Tier Therapeutic Boarding School Parents Can Trust

Monuments is a therapeutic boarding school that specializes in a variety of psychiatric, behavioral health, and therapeutic intervention strategies, (wilderness, heuristic learning, equine therapy) in addition to providing outdoor, adventure therapy.

Our unique blend of treatments and behavioral intervention strategies is what sets us apart from the rest of our less dynamic competitors. Our effective and dynamic treatments and overall therapeutic curriculum have proven to be overwhelmingly effective in treating the following disorders and behavioral issues:

  • Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  • Eating disorders (binge eating, overeating, anorexia, bulimia)
  • Drug abuse and addiction (including marijuana)
  • Rebellious-related issues
  • Bipolar disorder

Monuments creates a unique relational experience immersed in heuristic learning. These young men learn how to become relevant to themselves, their families and the community. As they work through their individual challenges, those around them see their lasting value and worth. Our goal is to facilitate monumental changes and preserve them for years to come.

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